A caring and concerned practitioner with a good sense of humor.  She considers her clients' needs, particular problems, and life circumstances in designing a treatment  program.  I enjoyed working with her and found her suggestions helpful to exploring my particular digestive problems." LP 

"Dana provided nutritional services to my teenage son who had health issues, due to poor eating habits for several years.  Dana also spent some time on the phone assisting me with
some ideas on how his diet could be improved. Her guidance was 100 percent on point. I would recommend
Dana's nutritional counseling to anyone who wanted to really focus on improving their health through proper nutrition."

 "After my heart surgery I decided to learn more about food, nutrition and cooking.  The enormous amount of information, as well as the conflicting information, lead me to make some mistakes.  Dana, has helped me make sense of the information and apply it my needs and objectives.  I now understand that not all fats are bad and how certain carbs (like bananas) can be too much of good thing.  With Dana's help I've made changes to my diet which has enriched what I eat and cook.   I highly recommend you engage Dana before you need surgery and most certainly if you have already had it."RO 

"I lost 15 pounds on my journey! Working with Dana was easy and fun. I started meeting with her 3 months before my wedding. I was unhappy with my lower abdominal area for a while and I wanted to make sure I looked fantastic in my gown. Dana was attentive, insightful and understanding. She set specific daily calorie, protein and carbohydrate goals for me. I also appreciated her flexibility with my schedule and location. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to commit to healthy changes in their lifestyle."  JP

 "I began meeting with Dana to help manage my diabetes and improve my overall health. She was super knowledge and taught me a lot about which foods are good, which are bad and why. I've learned how to better read nutritional labels, track calories and carbs and improve portion control. Dana helped me to set realistic goals and stay on track and motivated to achieve them. I would highly recommend Dana to anyone looking for the knowledge and tools to make better food choices to improve their diet and overall health."   BG